Bats Coming Out Too Early

by Tig Tillinghast

One of the pleasures of maple sugar season is watching the wildlife come back in the spring. My favorite part of a sugaring evening is taking a break standing on the high drive and watching woodcock and bats flit about over the field. But, unfortunately, the bats are coming out too early.

There is a disease going around the bat populations, called the white nose fungus. It causes bats to, among other things, leave their temperature-save hibernation places early, causing them to use up their calories and essentially starve before the weather gets warm enough for them to hoover up enough bugs to keep going.

This picture is of a bat trying to catch some Zs on the side of Thetford Town Hall, right by the door. He’s been there a bunch of days, and we’ve had nights below 10 degrees, so I suspect he’s not going to make it.