Best Granola Ever

by Tig Tillinghast

Nancy_Maple_GranolaWe wind up selling a lot of our maple syrup to small-scale, high-end food producers, like granola makers. One in particular is worthy of a special note. Nancy’s Granola, a customer for a couple years, has been testing different syrup grades and production methods, and has come up with a granola mix that is unlike any other we’ve tried. Nancy sent us a four pound back of the granola, and as you can see from the picture here, it’s managed to get empty pretty quickly.

Nancy’s granola manages to retain a lot of maple flavor. She uses our dark commercial syrup that really packs a punch. She sent samples to us of different mixes and production methods, and after a few months of consulting wound up with this particular recipe. I highly recommend people try it. Nancy’s site isn’t up yet, but she can be emailed at

I used up the last bit with an experiment; pouring milk into a small cup of the granola and using it as a cereal.

It goes to show that there is room in the food market for people who have a passion for tinkering in the kitchen to discover new ways of doing things that set their product on a higher level than anything else out there. Elaine McCabe’s Red Kite Candies also comes to mind, the company that created a new kind of caramel that is so much better than normal caramels, that they should really be called something different. In both cases, the women were relentless about systematically testing different options and methods.