Bobcat Sighting from Sugar Shack

by Tig Tillinghast

Doing some work on the sugarhouse a few days ago, we saw a bobcat slip into the field behind our home. My cell phone camera is bad, even among cell phone cameras, so the picture didn’t come out very well. The creature looked a whole heck of a lot larger than what I thought a bobcat was supposed to be, but then that’s what typically happens when people see bobcats. For some reason, we all think they’re larger than they are.

At first, I thought it was a deer, but once it started walking across the field, it was clearly a cat. It went to the other side of the house, stopped, and looked at us. It had the very distinctive sideburns, ears, etc. that make the bobcat face pretty unmistakable. If I had to guess at the time, I’d have said it was the size of a golden retriever. The picture below shows the cat about 75 yards behind the house, which is about 60 yards from where we’re standing.

Just about another one hundred yards up the hill, running sugar lines, we found a couple acres of mixed hardwood forest that had so many hare tracks that it looked as though they’d held a bunny convention up there. I’m guessing this fellow was here to attend to that.