Category: Marketing Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup to Asia

The barrels of syrup below represent the annual production of tens of acres of hardwood forest, preserved for yet another year as a working landscape. These particular ones are headed to a new Asian client. Getting through the rigamarole of exporting, customs, clearing, various certifications is a pretty high bar, but once it is all [...]

Best Granola Ever

We wind up selling a lot of our maple syrup to small-scale, high-end food producers, like granola makers. One in particular is worthy of a special note. Nancy’s Granola, a customer for a couple years, has been testing different syrup grades and production methods, and has come up with a granola mix that is unlike [...]

Prices and Buying Maple Syrup

For companies using a great deal of maple syrup, predicting maple syrup pricing can be critical to ensure a consistent supply. Below are two PDF documents with 1- a maple syrup price check study done to compare real-world retail prices with USDA and other data and 2- a piece on methods for predicting maple syrup [...]

Draft Maple Syrup: Adding a Maple Tap to the Kitchen

Buidling on our [keg concept] from some months ago, Ellie and I installed a system the new counter top that sits on our dishwasher. For less than $50, we purchased the hardware needed to have a professional draft beer tap hooked into a 13 gallon keg of maple syrup sitting under our sink. Pressured up [...]

Our Maple Syrup = Strong

We packed some of our Grade A Dark Amber maple syrup into our square bottles a few nights ago. We pack it strong. They were left overnight on the cold concrete floor, as temperatures dipped pretty low. The maple syrup at that temperature can keep only so much sugar in solution, so some of it [...]

The Real Maple Syrup Prices

Retailers across the country have priced maple syrup higher than what government sources report. This year it became pretty clear that the maple syrup pricing reports don’t square with what we see in stores, so we went out and collected our own data set. One key difference between this and what a group like the [...]

Maple Syrup Advertising Pitfalls

It’s the stuff of maple syrup marketer nightmares: your ad appears on a site juxtaposed against content that puts your product in the worst possible light. When airlines sign ad contracts with TV networks, they have provisions for the ads to be pulled during news cycles covering plane crashes. But, no matter how much care [...]

All that Grows (in Maple Syrup) Is Not Mold

We tend to make our maple syrup overstrength, ranging from 70 percent solids to 72 percent solids, about two to four percent higher than Vermont recommends. We just like it that way, even though some sugar comes out of solution in the form of crystals over time. When consumed before that happens, though, the extra [...]

A Great Maple Syrup Research Compendium

Back in 1982, the Northeastern Forest Experiment Station put together a large series of studies into one document to help sugar makers employ some of the more interesting recent findings. That document is available here. Some highlights: – A good deal of what we know (which is still pretty incomplete) about how and why sap [...]

Sending Maple Syrup by Mail

There is an art to sending maple syrup, especially if you’re sending a large volume, and extra especially if you want to spend less on shipping than you do on making syrup. Decisions early in the process – such as which bottle shapes you use, and which sizes you offer customers – come to have [...]

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