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Category: Maple Syrup Pricing

Tough Production Year for Maple Syrup

Maple syrup producers throughout the U.S. have been complaining of a very short season, with the high temperatures first preventing the needed freezing nights and then, eventually, prodding the maple trees to bud out and stop producing usable maple sap. We’re at one quarter of a normal year’s crop right now, which would be a […]

Bruce’s New Toy: Maple Syrup Warehouse

[caption id="attachment_305" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="To be filled with maple syrup barrels"]To be filled with maple syrup barrels[/caption] During my annual pilgrimage down to Bascom’s Maple, for the yearly start-up maple syrup supplies run, I found Bruce Bascom running the scales and in a chatty frame of mind. I think it says a lot about the maple syrup industry that one of the biggest names in the business is helping haul maple syrup barrels out of trucks and taste testing the grade c maple syrup we bring down in exchange for supply credit.

Bruce was kind to take me through his new 45,000 square foot maple syrup warehouse facility, just about to come online. A lot of thought went into the design. Bruce is one of the people in the maple syrup business who sells enough and to sufficiently-sensitive food companies so as to have a lot of regulatory scrutiny on his operation. Some of the details in his warehouse may portend changes that will likely ripple through the maple syrup industry, for people selling maple at scale.

Prices and Buying Maple Syrup

For companies using a great deal of maple syrup, predicting maple syrup pricing can be critical to ensure a consistent supply. Below are two PDF documents with 1- a maple syrup price check study done to compare real-world retail prices with USDA and other data and 2- a piece on methods for predicting maple syrup […]

PETA Takes on (Apparently Evil) Canadian Maple Syrup Makers

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are promoting a boycott of Canadian maple syrup. They’re not so much concerned with the abuse of maple trees as they are the annual seal harvest. PETA apparently believes that getting folks to stop using maple syrup from Canada will bludgeon our northern neighbors sufficiently that […]

The Real Maple Syrup Prices

Retailers across the country have priced maple syrup higher than what government sources report. This year it became pretty clear that the maple syrup pricing reports don’t square with what we see in stores, so we went out and collected our own data set. One key difference between this and what a group like the […]

Fake Maple Syrup Flavor: The Taste Test (Blech)

This has to be categorized as taking one for the team. I was eager (at first) to test out three different fake maple syrup flavorings I ordered over the internet. But then I smelled them, and boy, it was a learning experience. [The culprits] Fake maple syrup is typically made with sugar, some sort of […]

A Great Maple Syrup Research Compendium

Back in 1982, the Northeastern Forest Experiment Station put together a large series of studies into one document to help sugar makers employ some of the more interesting recent findings. That document is available here. Some highlights: – A good deal of what we know (which is still pretty incomplete) about how and why sap […]

Sending Maple Syrup by Mail

There is an art to sending maple syrup, especially if you’re sending a large volume, and extra especially if you want to spend less on shipping than you do on making syrup. Decisions early in the process – such as which bottle shapes you use, and which sizes you offer customers – come to have […]

Maple Syrup Price Predictions for 2009

After reading data from the a wide variety of overlapping sources, I made a stab at predicting the average price of syrup for 2009. You can skip the rest of this if you’re looking for the dollar figure. That’s $3.16 per pound, or $36 per gallon in 2009. I know that will disappoint many producers […]

How Can You Tell if Your Syrup’s ‘Pure’?

I got an email from a recent customer today asking whether or not our syrup is “100 percent maple” and “pure.” He noticed that neither term was mentioned on the label, while it’s plastered on many others. I replied that it is, and that by indicating “Vermont maple syrup” on the label, it’s required to […]

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