Late in the Season, Getting on Evening

by Tig Tillinghast

It’s been a couple days since we last boiled, as the sap flow has slowed with the warming weather, and along with it our maple syrup production.

The boil we did do, though, was a doozy, with steam coming out in clouds, the wind taking it in all directions, once sending it down Tucker Hill Road and around the hairpin corner, as though it were the ghost of a bus.

[Nice, Controlled Boil]

[Massive, Violent Boiling, Obscuring Smokestack, with Cackling in Background]

The sap coming out of the trees is getting a bit long in the tooth, showing a bit cloudy. This means that the sap has a different proportion of different types of sugars, makes for darker maple syrup and will soon start throwing off-flavors that will end our season. So far, however, the flavor is great. We’ll keep tasting each batch to see when it turns. At least that’s our excuse.

[Our Larger Sap Collection Tank on a Hot Day; Note the Cloudiness]