Maple Syrup Not Breaking Loose with Abandon Yet

by Tig Tillinghast

This was the third day in a row that we boiled just about the same amount – about 30 gallons of maple syrup. We started our first 55 gallon drum with tonight’s maple syrup, hopefully the first of many. We’re learning how to better fire the arch, using less wood and keeping the front pan a little cooler so as to prevent too much foaming.

I visited a maple syrup maker across town this morning on my way back from the post office this morning. He has a 42 inch by 12 foot arch, not very different from ours, so I’m stealing ideas from them in terms of how to fire the evaporator.

[The Maple Syrup “choo choo”]

Again, we had neighbors, friends and a few strangers stop by to see what could possibly be generating this much steam. I was told by one that they could see steam coming out of the valley of the West Branch of the Ompompanoosuc from a couple miles south of us. I was tempted to drive over just to see.

[Low pressure weather tends to make steam seem thicker]