Maple Syrup Tapping 2010

by Tig Tillinghast

Much going on to get ready for the season. As ever, weather reports make me think that season will break early and leave me behind, but there’s always something to ruin the weather, be it heavy wind or temps just too hot or too cold. Maple syrup comes only with the dance of warm days and cold nights within a pretty narrow range.


My brother is up to help with tapping, along with the regular crew and a suitably odd combination of neighbors and passers-by. We’re doing the bigger Strafford bush first, in the hopes that the season will hold off a few more days, giving us enough time to get to the Thetford bush. (It didn’t.)

We’re employing the fancy-schmancy tap adapters that Leader Evaporator and Proctor Maple Research Center made in hopes of getting more sap out of the trees. We’re putting these on the “back bush,” the new 800 or so trees we’re tapping back on the west side of the Strafford property.

Crew is working well, more importantly, enjoying each other. Really nice to see people of such different walks of life working together.