Simple Solution to Dumb Mistake

by Tig Tillinghast

There are a lot of details to sugaring, and we miss many of them. Usually we can quickly correct things. Sometimes, it’s difficult. This is a good example. In switching off different lines to help diagnose where a vacuum leak might be, we sometimes forget to turn the line back on. That’s bad enough. But when you let the sap freeze in it after it’s shut, you’re in for a long wait and a lot of lost sap in that period of time.

[It’s easier to remember to turn on the valve in the first place]

That’s when you go to the Thetford General and grab some of those silly chemical hand warmer things that they sell to New Yorkers and Bostonites passing through. Duct tape them to the line, and voila, you have a cleared pipe and a working valve.

I think I’m going to leave that up there so that in the fall the deer hunters will have something to wonder about.