Sugar Season About to Start

by Tig Tillinghast

Where we live, we don’t often have to worry about security issues. Many folks don’t lock their doors. For the last few years I’ve tended to close the sugar shack door with a less-than-secure device I call the “Vermont security system,” pictured below.

[The Vermont Security System, patent pending]

Coupled with being right across from the house, this has worked to keep the sugar shack safe. But friends and family have a poor record of remembering where they put this shard of siding after they take it out of the hasp. This winter I found an easy solution to that, with all the icicles forming on our standing seem roof, I’ve taken to using them as handy latch clasps, as pictured below at night. The ice even reflects moonlight and starlight to act as a convenient marker when groping for the door.

Best still, it is a natural indicator of the arrival of sugar season. Yesterday, the lock came undone, melting through in the afternoon heat of 33 degrees. I came home to find the sugar shack open, and when I went to investigate I found not a visiting friend, but shards on the ground by the door showing winter is broken. We’d better get ready.