Tough Production Year for Maple Syrup

by Tig Tillinghast

Maple syrup producers throughout the U.S. have been complaining of a very short season, with the high temperatures first preventing the needed freezing nights and then, eventually, prodding the maple trees to bud out and stop producing usable maple sap.

We’re at one quarter of a normal year’s crop right now, which would be a find place to be most mid-Marches, but with the hot weather in the forecast, this could be a short year.

Fortunately, we have access to the maple production of a number of farmers in the region, so our customers need not worry about supply. And we still harbor hopes that after this week, things will normalize and we can get a good piece of that remaining crop.

Our new “dry lines” are working very well, so if the weather cooperates, we should be able to make it up quickly.